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General Aviation

Headquartered in Galveston, Island Jet Center is delivering genuine care and exceptional service to aircraft owners, pilots and their esteemed clients. Aiming to make our guests feel welcome, we have taken every concern into mind to ensure all of our comforts echo the incomparable experience clients have come to look forward to from Island Jet Center. We are convinced we can provide a partnership and a courtesy standard that will be unmatched.


Island Jet Center offers:

  • Jet Fuel Retailer

  • Avgas Retailer

  • Crew car or shuttle service

  • Complimentary snack bar

  • Exquisitely outfitted Flight Planning Room

  • Free wireless internet service

  • NATA trained line specialist team

  • GPU, and Lav service available

  • Rental vehicles available as well

Make Island Jet Center your residence:
Accompany the Island Jet Center team and allow us to store your aircraft secured in one of our hangars. We furnish capacity for residents or transitory commuters.'

Hangar Prices

  • Single Engine Piston-
    $100 Daily $510 Monthly

  • Twin Engine & Turbo Prop-

       $125 Daily $950 Monthly 

  • Light Jet-
    $145 Daily $1160 Monthly 

  • Mid-Size Jet-

       $160 Daily $1300 Monthly​


Handling Fees
While we know that fees are not the most appealing thing in aviation, we do have to cover our costs in order to maintain the first class service and amenities that we offer. All Handling Fees are waived with purchase of fuel. Our fee schedule is as follows:


  • Single Engine Piston - $25 or 10 gal

  • Twin Engine Piston - $45 or 20 gal

  • Single Engine Turboprop - $85 or 60 gal

  • Multi-Engine Turboprop - $100 80 gal

  • Light Jet - $150 or 100 gal

  • Medium Jet - $200 or 125 gal

  • Large Jet - $250 or 150 gal



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